Windsource–Xcel’s Latest Filing Still Inscrutable

Submitted by Leslie Glustrom

On December 14, 2010 Xcel filed an update on its calculation of the Windsource premium. It is attached below.

Once again, the method used to determine the Windsource premium is still largely inscrutable–particularly the first step of determining the incremental cost of the additional renewable resources. A motion describing the concern and asking the PUC to exercise its oversight on this issue is also attached below.

Xcel is expected to file a Renewable Energy Standard Compliance Plan for 2012 in the spring of 2011. This will be another opportunity to bring additional transparency to the Windsource calculation.

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09A-772E Compliance Filing Windsource Calculation 7.3 MB
09A-772E PUC Oversight Windsource 41 KB

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