China Talking Tough about Climate Change and Growth

Submitted by Amy Guinan

China’s energy needs are fed by 70% coal and the country has become the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter – second to the US.  With double digit economic growth (10.3 % in 2010), China’s environment minister, Zhou Shengxian and Prime Minister Wen, issued a stark warning on the environmental and climate threats due to unbridled development.

According to Wen, “We must not any longer sacrifice the environment for the sake of rapid growth and reckless roll-outs, as that would result in unsustainable growth featuring industrial overcapacity and intensive resource consumption.”

China may seek to embrace tighter environmental restrictions at the legislative level, weigh factors like climate change when approving new factories, and possibly reconfigure the emphasis that “places economic growth above all else.”

For the entire article “China Issues Warning on Climate and Growth” by Andrew Jacobs at The New York Times, click here

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