Citizens Showing Support for Clean Energy

Boulder’s Clean Energy Vision

Posted by Amy Guinan

At a recent Clean Energy Action community event, Boulder citizens were asked what they hoped for their energy future. Clean Energy Action is using these community clean energy visions  to help drive our organizational work at a local and state level – we hope you enjoy these visionary ideas.

Recommendations include:

  • Accelerate the closure of the Valmont Coal Plant
  • Increased Solar Thermal heating and cooling available for residential and commercial establishments
  • Solar Gardens accessible to all who need them
  • A functional smart grid with accessible data at the residential level
  • Help educate additional states on coal supply constraints
  • Financial tools that entice large investments in clean energy
  • More citizen outreach to neighbor and friends’ about clean energy and coal supply constraints
  • No gas tax for electric vehicles
  • Support Jamestown municipalization efforts
  • Work towards carbon negativity with efforts such as biochar
  • Increase local Photovoltaics on rooftops and public buildings
  • Emphasize Demand Side Management of electricity
  • Make Feed In Tariffs available to drive clean energy development in Colorado
  • Form a local Boulder-owned credit union
Photo courtesy of dgrinbergs

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