Macro Issues to Consider in Municipalizing an Electric Utility

Kevin Gaden, Director of Wholesale Electric Operations, Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska


The Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska (MEAN) is the wholesale electricity supply organization of NMPP Energy (Nebraska Municipal Power Pool). Created in 1981, MEAN provides power supply, transmission and related services to more than 60 communities, one public power district and one joint-action agency in four states: Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska and Wyoming.

MEAN member communities benefit from local control over power supply options. As a member-owned organization, its member communities are the owners and reap the benefits of any operational gains. Unlike investor-owned power suppliers, MEAN is able to offer cost-based rates.

MEAN’s diverse power supply portfolio, which utilizes water and wind along with traditional fossil-fuel based sources, plays a factor in keeping rates competitive for its members and participants.

In his presentation, Kevin Gaden plans to address municipalization issues related to acquisition, operations, transmission, staffing, maintenance, and utility management. He will also address financing, power supply, and office management considerations.

Background Info

Kevin M. Gaden, Director of Wholesale Electric Operations of the Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska (MEAN), joined the NMPP Energy staff in 1987. MEAN is a member of the Midwest Reliability Organization (MRO) and Western States Coordinating Council (WSCC) region committees.

As Director of Wholesale Electric Operations, Gaden is currently responsible for the overall operations of MEAN real time and short-term energy scheduling and trading operations, as well as MEAN’s resource development and acquisitions, including renewable energy development.


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