League of Women Voters Municipalization Debate

On Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2011 from 6:30 – 8:30 PM at the Boulder Public Main Library, Canyon Theater, the League of Women Voters will host a municipalization debate.

This forum will have well-informed speakers on both sides and an opportunity for audience questions. Don’t miss the chance to get some clarity on the municipal utility issue before the November 1st election!

Speakers in FAVOR of authorizing the formation of a municipal utility:
KEN REGELSON, Citizens forBoulder’sClean Energy Future (CBCEF) www.renewablesyes.org
Mr. Regelson is a sustainable energy systems analyst. As the owner of Five Star Consultants, he helps
develop, analyze, and implement policies and programs needed to create a more sustainable energy
SAM WEAVER, Citzens for Boulder’s Clean Energy Future (CBCEF) www.renewablesyes.org
Mr.Weaver is one of the leads of the technical modeling group for CBCEF. Mr.Weaver sits on the Colorado
Clean Energy Development Authority and the Colorado Solar Energy Industry Association board.
He is president of Cool Energy, Inc., a Boulder-based solar energy technology development company.

Speakers OPPOSED to authorizing the formation of a municipal utility:
DAVID MILLER, Chairman of Boulder Smart Energy Coalition (BSEC) bouldersec.com
Mr. Miller and his coalition are concerned about the risks and cost of municipalization. Mr. Miller is
a lawyer, long-time city resident, and a partner in the renewable energy consulting firmNew Energy
BOB BELLEMARE, Chief Operating Officer, UtiliPoint International, Inc. With 25 years of experience in the utility business Mr. Bellemare advises clients on a wide range of issues including asset valuation, financial modeling, and utility engineering issues. His experience includes the real-time operation of a 14,000-megawatt generation fleet aswell as helping to develop
some of the largest solar and wind research projects of their time.

For more information: (303) 499-4544, www.lwvbc.org

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