Municipalization of Boulder’s Electricity Headed to November Ballot

Boulder City Council has unanimously approved to put municipalization, the process by which Boulder would assume control of its electrical generation from Xcel Energy, on the upcoming November ballot (ballot measures 2B and 2C). Municipalization is being considered for Boulder at this time because voters have expressed a desire for local control over their electricity and the delivery of competitive rates, reliable service and an increased mix of renewables.

Two ballot measures related to municipalization, 2B and 2C, will be on the November ballot.

– 2B would raise the existing occupation tax (which Boulder voters approved last year to replace lost revenue from the expiration of the Xcel franchise) to help pay for legal and financial fees related to municipalization. If approved, 2B would increase most residential electrical bills by less than $1/month.

– 2C grants general permission to start a utility and for the authority to sell bonds to purchase Xcel’s distribution system within Boulder – and only if rates at the time of acquisition would not “exceed those rates” charged by Xcel.

As a 501c3, Clean Energy Action is choosing not to take a position on the municiplization topic, but to instead maintain our role as an educational organization. There are a number of local organizations, however, that have taken formal positions.

Organizations that support 2B and 2C:
Renewables Yes
Boulder Smarter Energy Coalition: A New Era Issue Committee

Organizations that oppose:
Boulder Smart Energy Coalition Xcel Energy

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