85,000 MW of Coal Plants in India Facing Coal Shortages: A Wake-Up Call to the US

Like in India, the majority of the energy in the US is generated from the burning of coal.  Furthermore, coal supply issues are of increasing concern in the US as the much-touted “200 years of available coal” is proving to be highly implausible and the planning horizon for moving beyond coal could be as short as 20-30 years in the US.  Clean Energy Action’s coal report

India is currently experiencing the severity of coal constraints as critical coal shortages and restricted supplies currently stand to affect 85,000 MW of energy generation  in the country.

The immediate cause of the recent coal shortages in India are due to heavy rain in key mining areas, but India has been facing coal shortages for the last several years due to increased demand, water shortages, and a booming population.

As of  October 19th, 2011, analysts noted that of the “86 coal-fired [Indian] power plants monitored by the government, 29 have fuel for less than four days, and 44 have fuel for less than seven days. The installed capacity of these 86 thermal power stations is 85,477 MW.” For more information on India’s coal shortages, visit here. 

For both economic and environmental reasons, coal is proving to be a fuel source worth reconsidering.

For more information on Coal Supply issues in the United States, click Clean Energy Action’s coal report here.

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