Tues, Nov 29th, Clean Energy Action presents: Carl Koval from CU’s Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute

Clean Energy Action is pleased to announce our November “Global Warming Solutions Speaker Event,” “Transforming Energy, Educating Leaders,” featuring Associate Director, Carl Koval, of the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute (RASEI).

When: Tuesday, November 29th, 2011; 6:30 Refreshments; 7:00 – 8:45 Presentation

Where: First Presbyterian Church; 1820 15th St., Boulder, CO 80302

The Presentation:

RASEI, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute, is a joint institute of the University of Colorado (CU-Boulder) and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), that offers a comprehensive approach to research addressing the scale and complexity of today’s energy challenges. Serving as a hub, RASEI creates the center of an integrated energy campus by combining the education and scholarship of CU-Boulder with NREL’s mission and capabilities, in partnership with other federal research labs and industry.

RASEI was developed in response to our global energy challenge. “Energy industries of the 21st century need an entirely new infrastructure that produces more energy at a lower cost, uses energy far more efficiently, improves the security of supply by relying more on domestic and stable sources, and produces far fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Understanding the dynamics of the new energy market place and the factors governing a sustainable energy system are crucial for emerging energy industries to succeed. These systems must meet multiple requirements such as scaling to a terawatt, using readily available resources for manufacturing, and having a sustainable lifecycle.”

Join Clean Energy Action and learn more about the program and mission of RASEI and the work and research that are being done to help bring renewable energy solutions to campuses and communities.

For more information on RASEI, click here.

Speaker Bio:

Carl Koval has been a faculty member in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry (CHEM) at CU-Boulder since 1980. Most of Koval’s research throughout his scientific career has been related to renewable or sustainable energy. His research has resulted in more than 110 peer-reviewed publications and 10 patents, and has been supported by 47 separate research contracts and grants. He has collaborated closely with faculty in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering and with scientists at NREL.

In 2006 through a campus-wide search process, Dr. Koval was chosen to be the first faculty director of the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Initiative (EI) at CU-Boulder. In June 2009 he accomplished the key objective of the EI when the CU Regents approved the creation of the RASEI. Dr. Koval served as co-director of RASEI until 2010. He is currently RASEI Associate Director CU-Programs.

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