Today is “Colorado Gives Day!” Please support Clean Energy Action on this one-day-a-year opportunity!

The Community First Foundation’s “Colorado Gives Day” is for 24 hours only: Today, Tuesday, December 6, 2011!

On this day, Clean Energy Action will join other selected non-profits in partnering with The Community First Foundation and First Bank to increase the value of all donations!

Please consider donating to Clean Energy Action on this once-a-year opportunity: 100% of your donation goes directly to CEA!

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Last year generous Coloradans raised $8.7 million for their favorite non-profits on Colorado Gives Day! CEA is thrilled to be a part of this exciting day of giving scheduled for Dec 6th, 2011!

CEA Accomplishments in 2011:

2011 Local Level Accomplishments:

  • Provided research data to Boulder related to renewing franchise agreement with Xcel Energy and its commitment to long-term coal-based power until 2069.
  • Presented monthly “Global Warming Solutions Speaker Series,” hosting regional, national and international renewable energy policy and technology experts and inspiring local renewable energy options and actions. See summaries of speaking events:

2011 State Level Accomplishments:

  • Lead the Pawnee Coal Plant up-grade investment prevention campaign to stop proposed investments in the coal plant, which would double the value of “Pawnee” and keep the plant on line until 2041. CEA advocates for investing energy dollars in 21st century technologies instead of burning money on old coal plants.
  • Engaged in Colorado Public Utilities Commission intervention proceedings related to wind and solar developments.
  • Provided PUC and public education related to baseload coal power impedance to high levels of renewable energy penetration.
  • Supported creation of the Solar Thermal Alliance of Colorado (STAC) to promote utilization of solar thermal technologies.
  • Facilitated development of Ratepayers United of Colorado, Metro area citizen energy utility watch-dog and public education group.
  • Developed network of groups supporting renewable energy-promoting “Feed-in-Tariffs” in Colorado and elsewhere.

2011 National Level Accomplishments:

  • Raised awareness of coal supply and cost issues in a dozen states among utility planners, regulators, and concerned citizens.
  • Trained clean energy observers and activists in a dozen states.
  • Drafted preliminary national coal plant investment reduction strategic plan.

Awards for Clean Energy Action in 2011:

2011 Stewards of our Future Award from Earth Guardians.

2011 Larson-Notari Award was given to Leslie Glustrom, CEA Research Director, by Colorado Renewable Energy Society.

2011 Peacemaker of the Year Award was given to Leslie Glustrom by the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center.

With your generous support, in 2012 CEA will continue its work to address climate change urgency by promoting energy decarbonization at local, state and national levels.

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