Greenpeace Campaign for Facebook to “Unfriend Coal” is a Success!

Greenpeace, a coalition partner of Clean Energy Action, has announced the success of their “Unfriend Coal” Campaign – a campaign that called on Facebook to power its data centers with clean energy instead of coal.

“After 20 months of mobilizing, agitating and negotiating to green Facebook, and with more than 700,000 people who took part in its campaign [on Dec 16th Facebook agreed] that they will give preference to renewable energy sources.”

“The new agreement between Greenpeace and Facebook shows not only the journey Facebook completed, but also how Greenpeace is becoming one of the most powerful players in the world when it comes to mobilizing businesses and encouraging them to do the right thing.”

Marcy Scott Lynn of Facebook’s sustainability program said about the agreement, “Facebook looks forward to a day when our primary energy sources are clean and renewable, and we are working with Greenpeace and others to help bring that day closer.”

For more information, visit Raz Godelnik’s blog on Triple Pundit here.

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