Rocky Mountain Power Shift Conference 2012

On February 17th-19th, young people from all around the Rocky Mountain region will be coming together in Missoula, Montana to take action against climate change at a conference called the Rocky Mountain Power Shift Conference. Power Shift conferences have been happening all around our country since 2007.

2012 is the first year that the Rocky Mountain region is holding this conference, in the hopes of launching new campaigns to fire up the region in the fight against climate change. The conference includes a series of workshops, panel discussions, and community building actives as well as presentations with keynote speakers. The purpose of the conference is to build community leaders and organizers with unique skills to be able to fight climate change from many different angles and to collaborate efforts that are already powerful throughout the region.

To register, please visit the link below. Registration is only 10$, and travel accommodations are easily made through ride-shares and host homes.

Register: Rocky Mountain Power Shift 2012 

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