Xcel Energy Submits Application to Change Terms of Boulder Programs

Xcel Energy submitted the attached application on 2/17/12 which proposes  adjustments to terms and conditions of various programs offered to Boulder customers including:

  • Solar Rewards
  • Solar Gardens
  • Demand Side Management Programs
  • Proposed Windsource Long Term Contracts

Presumably any changes made by Xcel Energy will have to go through a Public Utilities Commission process before it moves forward.

The Application also mentions a section of Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S.) s. 40-3-106(1) (a). That section is reproduced below and the full CRS S. 40-3-106 (Downloaded 2012-02-16) is attached.

Clean Energy Action seeks to make this application available to the public and cannot answer the legality of the proposal.

40-3-106. Advantages prohibited – graduated schedules – consideration of household income and other factors – definitions.
Downloaded 2012-02-16 from http://www.michie.com/colorado/lpext.dll?f=templates&fn=main-h.htm&cp=
(1) (a) Except when operating under paragraph (c) or (d) of this subsection (1) or pursuant to article 3.4 of this title, no public utility, as to rates, charges, service, or facilities, or in any other respect, shall make or grant any preference or advantage to any corporation or person or subject any corporation or person to any prejudice or disadvantage. No public utility shall establish or maintain any unreasonable difference as to rates, charges, facilities, or in any respect, either between localities or as between any class of service. The commission has the power to determine any question of fact arising under this section.

(C.R.S.) s. 40-3-106(1):  CRS 40-3-106 No Discrimination No Advantages 2012-02-16

Xcel Application: 12X-XXXE Verified Application 21712

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