Solar Thermal Roadmap

Laurent Meillon, Solar Thermal Alliance of Colorado, Co-Founder


The newly-released Colorado Solar Thermal Roadmap, conceived of by the Solar Thermal Alliance of Colorado, is a strategic plan to make Colorado a global leader in solar thermal development.  Adoption, installation, manufacturing, and research & development of solar thermal technologies could boost Colorado’s economy, generate jobs, and help build a sustainable energy future.  Solar thermal technologies are promising alternatives to environmentally hazardous fossil fuel-burning heating sources.

Colorado is strategically poised to seize national leadership in the solar thermal industry—and the vast economic benefits that come with it. Due to Colorado’s dramatic daily temperature swings, abundant sunshine, cold groundwater, and annual heating loads, solar thermal heating technologies perform better in Colorado than in any other state according to researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the Florida Solar Energy Center.

Laurent Meillon presented on the Colorado Solar Thermal Roadmap, the economic and environmental benefits of this technology, and the path forward for solar thermal development.

Background Info

Laurent Meillon is a co-founder of STAC, the Solar Thermal Alliance of Colorado, a joint venture of CRES and COSEIA to create a long-term roadmap for solar thermal in our state. Meillon is also the director of Capitol Solar Energy, a Colorado business with 30 years of continuous focus on solar thermal. Capitol Solar Energy focuses on the design, installation and service of solar thermal systems, ranging from simple domestic hot water systems, to more complex residential combination systems addressing hot water, space heating and a pool or spa, to even larger commercial or multi-family solar thermal systems. Since receiving an MBA from Madison, WI and through his 20 year professional career, Meillon has focused on business development in various industries, as well as environmental activism.

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Solar Thermal Map

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