A Republican Voice in the Climate Change Storm

Paul Douglas, a Penn State meteorologist, recently penned a blog for the Huffington Post acknowledging  that climate change is real and that weather patterns are significantly changing – including some 5,299 weather records set in the last 7 days.  Concerned parties have repeated similar information many times over, but the thing that sets Paul Douglas apart from the pack?  He is a Republican.

Regarding his unique position, Paul states, “I’m in a small, frustrated and endangered minority: a Republican deeply concerned about the environmental sacrifices some are asking us to make to keep our economy powered-up.”  In his blog, Paul expands on how and why the reality of  climate change should move into the rhetoric and policy concerns of both parties – and the importance of moving beyond climate change as a red vs. blue issue of blind party devotion.

Some of his most salient points include:

  • Both politicians and the media are “spinning” the facts on climate change to spread doubt and confusion; 97% of published, peer-reviewed PhD’s connect increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere with a warming climate.  Acknowledging that the atmosphere is warming doesn’t make you a liberal.
  • Actions have consequences.  Or, in other words, inaction also has consequences. As Paul states in his blog, “I’m genuinely concerned, because I’m in touch with America’s leading climate scientists. They are beyond concerned; bordering on apoplectic.”
  • As per Biblical scripture, “We are here to manage God’s property”.  Future generations will hold us responsible for today’s decisions.
  • Climate change is the ultimate test of capitalism. “Let the markets work.”   “Going green will generate green. As in profits. We won’t drill our way out of this challenge; we’ll innovate our way into a new, lower-carbon energy paradigm. Something we’re pretty good at.”
  • “Washington D.C. is broken, utterly incapable of dealing with long-term threats. Compromise is seen as weakness; our natural resources put at risk by political paralysis.”  As such, finding compromise on solutions to climate change has seemed all but impossible.
  • A real opportunity exists to assist our economy and our environment by investing in and creating carbon-free energy companies.
  • “The best way to predict the future? Invent it.”  Just like the Navy,  which “is serious about renewables and alternative fuels. Because it’s the best way forward — protecting our troops, securing supply lines, creating economies of scale that will make biofuels more competitive, leaving the Navy less vulnerable to price shocks in the oil markets. Hedge your bets. Put fewer troops at risk. Think ahead. Only the paranoid survive. In the words of my Eagle Scout brethren “Be Prepared”.

For Paul Douglas’ full blog, click here.


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