Cast an On-line Vote for Clean Energy Action: Help us Win the 2012 NOVA Award!

Clean Energy Action has been nominated by local community members for the The Community Foundation’s prestigious 2012 NOVA Award for innovative non-profit programs serving Boulder County.

Please help Clean Energy Action win the $5,000 NOVA Award by casting an on-line vote here!

Voting goes through April 21st.  Thank you for your support and vote!


About Clean Energy Action:

Clean Energy Action is based in Boulder, Colorado and works at the local, state and national level to accelerate the transition to the post-fossil fuel world based on clean energy.CEA aims to achieve its goals through “Citizen Power” by inspiring, training,and empowering citizens to advocate for decreased reliance on fossil fuels and nuclear power, and through increased reliance on clean energy such as energy efficiency and renewable power.

About the NOVA Award:

In the universe, a NOVA is a star that suddenly increases in brightness to several times its normal magnitude. The NOVA Award honors innovation in programs/services or innovations in business operations, within Boulder County’s non-profit sector. The NOVA Awards were established by The Community Foundation in 1997 and the winning organization will receive a grant for $5,000.

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