Transportation and Climate: ATP Power

Zane Selvans, Krista Nordback, Mike Wilson, Ron Horstman, Carl Lawrence


This month we have an intriguing mix of speakers who have their finger on the pulse of human-powered transportation: From car batteries that mimic the ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) our cells use for intracellular energy transfer to bicycles that use ATP more directly. As Boulder continues to strive for carbon reduction, transportation may not play the biggest role, but its evolution will literally drive behavioral changes that will echo throughout our communities’ energy use patterns. Hear how the present is meeting the future and join in the lively discussion and Q&A to close.

Speaker Info

Carl Lawrence has been at the forefront of clean, efficient transportation technology for most of the last three decades. His concentration on first and last mile issues has led him to the idea stages of Swift Tram, Inc. where he serves as CEO.

Zane Selvans is a computational geoscientist, cyclist, and urbanist. He works as an analytical consultant to climate advocates and volunteers for Community Cycles as a member of their Advocacy Committee. He’s also the most recent appointee to Boulder’s Transportation Advisory Board. He believes that the best transportation solution is a dense but livable city, optimized for human powered movement.

Ms. Krista Nordback is a Professional Engineer with ten years experience in civil infrastructure system design and construction for transportation and water infrastructure. She is currently a completing her doctorate in Civil Engineering focusing on transportation through the Center for Sustainable Infrastructure Systems program at the University of Colorado Denver. She has served 5 years on the City of Boulder’s citizen Transportation Advisory Board and was recently appointed to the Bicycle Committee of the Transportation Research Board of the National Academies.

Mike Wilson is an Energy Consultant and Manager of Solar PV, Solar Thermal, LED Lighting and EV systems and has worked as a consultant in the Denver metro area since March 2008. Mike has added level 2&3 EV charging systems into his portfolio, blending his understanding of the automotive world and renewables as we move to electric cars and other clean fuel sources.

Ron Horstman is presently serving as President of Motion Dynamics Inc, and Atomic Remediation labs Inc., and is developing and bringing to market several innovative technologies including the Bio-LED lighting technologies, energy storage technologies, and fast charging battery technologies.

Chris Hagelin (invited) is a Senior Transportation Planner with GO Boulder. He coordinates Transportation Demand Management (TDM) programs including GO Smart, GO Boulder research, surveys, data analysis, and the TDM use link.