Smokestacks, Tailpipes, and Trashcans: The Waste/Climate Connection

Eric Lombardi, Eco-Cycle Executive Director


Eric Lombardi is an international consultant, keynote speaker and workshop leader for government and private sector clients across the USA, New Zealand, England, Italy, France, Scotland, Romania, American Samoa, Wales and Saipan. His work has covered the Waste/Climate Connection, the creation of recycling facilities, the collection and marketing of “hard to recycle” (HTR) materials such as electronic scrap, the benefits of a social enterprise approach, the politics of growing community recycling programs, and the strategies for long-term recycling business survival.

At his August 16th presentation, Lombardi will discuss opportunites and challenges he has faced in his career as an environmental leader. Furthermore, Eric will share his thoughts on the waste connection to climate change and how he goes about furthuring Eco-Cycle’s mission to identify, explore and demonstrate the emerging frontiers of sustainable resource management through the concepts and practices of Zero Waste. We believe in individual and community action to transform society’s throw-away ethic into environmentally-responsible stewardship.

Background Info

Eric Lombardi is the Executive Director of Eco-Cycle, Inc., and is a specialist in resource recovery, social enterprise and public-private project development. Eco-Cycle was a national pioneer in the recycling industry and is now the largest community-based Zero Waste organization in the U.S.A. with a staff of 80 and processing of over 50,000 tons of diverse recycled materials per year (2011). Lombardi is an authority on creating comprehensive community-based programs and is often a keynote speaker and consultant on the social and technical aspects of creating a “Zero Waste – Or Darn Near” society.

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Waste/Climate Connection