Progress on Boulder’s Municipal Electric Development Project

Heather Bailey, Executive Director of Energy and Utility, City of Boulder


The City of Boulder’s Executive Director of Energy Strategy and Electric Utility Development, Heather Bailey, discussed a working plan for Boulder as a municipal utility. Since June, she has been working to provide direction in the creation of both short and long-term energy strategies, guide the city in the implementation of new methods of energy management, and pursue the next steps in the analysis of the potential municipal utility of Boulder’s electric distribution system as a part of the Boulder’s Energy Future project.

The project provides the residents and businesses of Boulder a unique opportunity to create the electric utility of the future that will reflect the communities values. Ms. Bailey will present the Municipalization Exploration work plan, where she will describe the City of Boulder’s progress and what will be presented to council in the first quarter of 2013. She will discuss the process and analysis of the work plan, stakeholder participation, and how the different elements of the project will come together to form a strategy for the city. Citizens asked questions to find out what to expect from Boulder’s Energy Future Project in the coming months.

Background Info

Heather Bailey came on board as the City of Boulder’s Executive Director of Energy Strategy and Electric Utility in June. With over 30 years of utility operations, finance, accounting, and auditing experience, Ms. Bailey has worked as a regulator, utility executive and consultant. Her experience includes consulting on transmission, financial, regulatory, and strategic issues for the utility industry, plus 19 years managing various operations at one of the largest public power organizations in the country. She oversaw the establishment of a transmission affiliate and negotiated key contract terms with one of the country’s largest utility companies, resulting in over $500 million in projects. Her consulting experience includes developing utility long term transmission and generation investment strategy, utility strategic cost reduction analysis, comprehensive management review of public power operations, rate case and regulatory support, developing and presenting EPRI’s transmission interconnection model for nuclear power plants, due diligence for a transmission merchant project, asset valuations, and developing a strategy for an independent transmission provider entering the Texas market.

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Boulder’s Energy Future Project