Help Us Make a Difference on Colorado Gives Day

On December 4th, Clean Energy Action is participating in Colorado Gives Day, a day dedicated to donating to your favorite local nonprofit organizations. We need your help to continue accelerating the transition away from fossil fuels to a renewable energy economy.

It is more important than ever to reduce the effects of climate change. This year alone, we had record high temperatures, millions of acres of land and homes destroyed by wildfires, and extreme storms like Hurricane Sandy. The only way to minimize climate change is take action against the fossil fuel industry to reduce carbon emissions as much as possible and move towards renewable energy sources.

Here are a few major highlights of Clean Energy Action’s progress towards a renewable energy future:

  • Clean Energy Action employees were keynote speakers at various events regionally and nationally, including the RENEW Wisconsin Conference and the DasHaus Conference
  • Many experts were brought to Colorado to present at our signature event, the Global Warming Solutions Speaker Series (GWSSS), to educate the community on effective ways to achieve our mission
  • Published the latest coal costs report: “Trends in U.S. Delivered Coal Costs: 2004-2011,” and our research was used in various news sources, including the Denver Post, Washington Post, and Grist
  • Expansion of Clean Energy Action’s infrastructure, including new employees and new board members

Thanks to all of you who have supported us in the past, and please continue to help us to educate the community, encourage citizen power, and move towards a clean, renewable energy future by donating to Clean Energy Action on December 4th, or by pre-scheduling a donation.

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