Rooftop Solar and the Utility Pushback

Annie Lappé, Vote Solar, Solar Policy Director


Power companies have watched warily as solar panels have sprouted across the nation’s rooftops. Now they are fighting hard to slow the spread, in hopes to avoid the utility death spiral. Please join Clean Energy Action for an exciting presentation by Annie Lappé, Solar Policy Director of Vote Solar, on how local utilities can more easily and effectively incorporate distributed generation, moving away from fossil fuels and towards a renewable energy future.

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Annie leads distributed generation solar campaigns throughout the U.S. and manages Vote Solar’s work on solar permitting. She rejoined Vote Solar after managing government affairs in the Interior West for SunEdison. Mrs. Lappé began her career working on federal renewable energy and energy efficiency policies in Washington D.C. She holds a MA in Environmental Policy from Oxford University and a BA in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Cruz. She lives in Boulder, CO.

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Rooftop Solar and the Utility Pushback