Governor Hickenlooper Unsure About Climate Change

Tell Governor Hickenlooper that We Know the Climate Is Changing

This past Tuesday, March 18th, Governor Hickenlooper told Colorado Public Radio’s Ryan Warner (in full interview, quote at 5:15) that:

“we don’t know whether the climate really is changing”

while discussing the impact of the 2013 flood and the plans for continuing to rebuild.

Tell Governor Hickenlooper that you agree with the overwhelming scientific consensus that climate change is happening – and is anthropogenic. We need our governor to know that we should be planning for the future – with adaptation strategies to plan for increasing natural disasters, such as floods and wildfires, and mitigation strategies, such as increasing renewable energies and shutting off fossil fuel burning power plants.

One thought on “Governor Hickenlooper Unsure About Climate Change”

  1. While there may be debate about whether particular weather events are caused by climate change, there is absolutely NO DEBATE AMONG CREDIBLE SCIENTISTS that the earth is warming and causing climate change. Governor Hickenlooper’s statement seems to be either an ignorant slip or a politically calculated “bird-call” to climate-change deniers. Either is inexcusable for our state’s leader.

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