April iGive Challenge

Sign up in April for an iGive Account
CEA gets a $5 donation

Sign up now


It’s as easy as that – make an account and CEA automatically gets a donation from iGive. After that, anytime you shop from one of the 1,400 online shopping platforms, iGive will give a portion of the sales to Clean Energy Action. And it’s all automatic if you install the iGive button.

iGive Description

iGive is the first online shopping mall where a portion of each purchase is donated to your favorite cause. Established in 1997 for one purpose: to turn everyday online shopping into donations for worthy causes, at no cost to shoppers or the causes they support.

Shopping with iGive

When iGive members shop, an “iGive Cookie” is assigned to your browser. This tells the store, “Here is an iGive Member” using a meaningless member ID number. The store reports back with this number and the amounts for the donation to your cause. iGive never has access to any payment information.

After using an iGive link to the store’s website, you shop as you normally would. There are no extra steps, nor iGive notifications when making payments.

Why sign up & share with your friends?

  • When they shop, they’ll help Clean Energy Action or their own favorite cause. Why not let them take advantage of over 1,400 stores that want to help?
  • The average shopper is raising over $30 – $100 a year for their cause … all for free.
  • It’s simple and automatic..
  • Five bucks free, just for trying us out.
  • The more iGive members, the better the deals we can get from stores.

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