Boulder 100 Resilient Cities Kick-off

Monday, April 28th, 6:30 pm–8:00 pm
Casey Middle School
1301 High Street, Boulder, CO

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Join the City of Boulder and 100 Resilient Cities, organized by the Rockefeller Foundation, for a public event on making Boulder more resilient.

This event is the public portion of an all day workshop involving various stakeholders in the Boulder community. Our Research Director, Zane Selvans will be participating in the workshop as a member of the City’s Transportation Advisory Board.

What is Boulder’s Resilience Challenge?

Resilience and adaptation are real challenges Boulder is wrestling with as the Colorado community recovers from historic flooding — just three years after experiencing the state’s most financially destructive wildfire in history. These experiences and a long history of sustainability and climate mitigation initiatives have taught Boulder that “bouncing back” isn’t enough — they need a plan to “bounce forward.”

-Excerpt from Boulder’s Resilience Challenge

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