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Energy Education – An Indispensable Part of a Sustainable Energy Future

Learn About and Give Input to the Youth Energy Education Program

** Refreshments will be provided by Alfalfa’s**

Wednesday, May 28th, 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
First Presbyterian Church
1820 15th St., Boulder, CO 80302

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What is ‘energy education’? And why is it important? Clean Energy Action’s board has agreed that youth energy education is an  important part of our mission because energy issues are long terms issues. We want to ensure a well informed, engaged public well into the future. Clean Energy Action and Entrepreneurial Earth have already brought youth energy education programs to 6 school and reached about 800  students. We plan to demonstrate the existing and planned components of the energy education program in an active, hands on manner. These program addresses the new Colorado academic standards, but goes well beyond that with a platform that is fun, engaging and interdisciplinary. We are looking to get your input, ideas and support for this important mission. Please come and be involved in shaping the direction of this crucial program. Martin at Friend's School

Presentation – Demonstration

Clean Energy Action works to identify critical issues at the state and national level that play a particularly significant role in the transition to a post-fossil-fuel world built on safe, clean, renewable energy solutions. This requires in-the-moment advocacy and education about current legislation and the creation of an energy-literate populace capable of making informed decisions. CEA has therefore recently made energy education for youth a top priority, and has been developing programs and information for schools, organizations and other groups. This Global Warming Speaker Series program will be devoted to this priority. The program will both showcase CEA’s initial steps in energy education and invite input and participation in making these efforts a success. Watershed School Energy DayThe evening will feature the “Energy Bike” – a great hands on (and feet-on) tool that enlivens energy education, making it relevant and interesting to all ages. It is a stationary bicycle that runs an electrical generator and connected to a variety of electrical “appliances.” It illustrates a variety of energy principles in a way that connects body and mind in the learning experience. Those in attendance will be invited to add their ideas, expertise and support as the energy bike as well as other educational tools, demonstrations and educational concepts are showcased. This is a project whose time has come. Important, timely, interesting, fun. Come be a part of making CEA’s energy education initiative a success.


This presentation will be a collaborative experience with Martin Ogle, Youth Energy Educator Martin Ogle, CEA’s Executive Director RJ Harrington, energy bike engineer Joe Callahan, and you! We want your input.

Martin OgleMartin Ogle

Before forming Entrepreneurial Earth, LLC, Martin Ogle worked for 27 years as Chief Naturalist for the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority. Through this professional experience and his work as a citizen of Arlington, VA, Mr. Ogle developed many of the skills, programs and ideas that underlie E.E. LLC. Mr. Ogle was recognized by Arlington Public Schools, Arlington County, and other organizations for outstanding contributions to the community in areas of work he now offers through Entrepreneurial Earth. Mr. Ogle was also adept at bringing disparate parts of his community and profession together to advance sustainable living in creative, fun and successful ways. Mr. Ogle attained B.S. and M.S. degrees in Wildlife Science from Colorado State University and Virginia Tech, respectively. Mr. Ogle lives in Louisville, CO with his wife Lisa and twins, Cyrus and Linnea.

RJ HarringtonPhoto of RJ Harrington

RJ became the Executive Director of Clean Energy Action in April of 2012. He was previously the Policy Director for the Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association (COSEIA) and has worked in the solar industry for several years in a variety of roles. He previously worked in the financial services industry, including experience with risk management.

Joe CallahanJoe Callahan

Joe is the serial entrepreneur with a passion for all aspects of energy, from technology and research, to education and installation. He launched Simple Solar, his first Boulder based Solar Electric Sales, Design and Installation Energy Company. To manage the growing demand of the business, he parked his CU studies in Electrical and Architectural Engineering three semesters short of graduation. Currently he is the Founder of energisimple LLC, an energy consulting company focusing on distributed generation renewable energy and energy educational tools. Joe recently co-launched a Nepal initiative to build an energy services company focused on scaling up renewable energy in businesses and homes through the use of an energy purchase model. Joe can often be found at local schools and events tweaking his solar bubble machine, baking cookies in a solar oven or making kWh’s with human powered energy. He is committed to empowering individuals through education, to understand all aspects of energy through the hands-on use of tools and games, to be enchanted by the joy of discovery and creation.

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