Clean Energy Action @ Switch~

Thursday, July 31st
Doors @ 6 pm, Showtime @ 7 pm
The Alliance Center
1536 Wynkoop St, Denver, 80202

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Ten speakers. Five minutes. Twenty slides, auto-advanced every fifteen seconds. That’s switch~. Based on the same rapid-fire format that helped make TedX and Ignite Boulder popular, switch~ is a chance for people with great ideas about energy and sustainability to share their thoughts.

Switch HeadingZane Selvans, Research & Policy Director with Clean Energy Action, Presents:

How is a Coal Plant Like a Soviet Hummer?

Monopoly electric utilities generally pass all their fuel costs through to customers, and are indifferent to whether fuel prices rise or fall — all they care about is making big capital investments, on which they earn a return. If utilities had to shoulder the risk of fuel cost increases, they would make very different investments — including long-term fixed-price renewable power purchase agreements and energy efficiency. We wouldn’t stand for a world in which everyone is forced to drive a Hummer no matter how much gasoline prices rise. We shouldn’t mindlessly accept fuel cost risks in electricity either!

See here for full list of speakers.

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