Tri-State Public Meeting for Electric Resource Plan

Friday, August 8th, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Tri-State Headquarters
1100 West 116th Ave., Westminster, 80234
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Tri-State is holding a public input meeting regarding their electric resource plan. They will be discussing how they are planning to comply with their renewable energy requirement mandated by Senate Bill 252 in 2013, which requires all rural electric associations and co-ops to get at least 20% of it’s power supply from renewable energy. Tri-State has been publicly opposed to the requirements.

Give your voice to show that there is public support for compliance with these renewable energy requirements.

One thought on “Tri-State Public Meeting for Electric Resource Plan”

  1. What exactly does Tri State not like about the bill? It seems so far all they could say was that so far it upset their business model. But is there anything concrete besides tis vagueness? Should I voice my serious concerns about how corporations and big businesses are upsetting my business plans?

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