Rainforest Action Network’s Changing the Course

Climate Leadership Training

Saturday, Oct. 25, 1-6 pm & Sunday, Oct. 26, 1-6 pm
American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)
901 W. 14th Ave, #7, Denver, 80204

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The Rainforest Action Network will be holding a two-day climate leadership summit as part of a major new project called Change the Course. Climate networks from around the region will be coming to Denver for a two-day gathering that includes collective visioning, strategic planning, and training for trainers. Hope you can join us!

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Change the Course offers an innovative training, and it’s a bit different from anything RAN has done before. We believe these summits have the potential to be transformative experiences for developing local power and strategy. Starting with these summits, we’re going to kick off a national conversation about what our society will look like when we put it on a footing for climate stability, and what strategies and alliances we’ll need to achieve that vision. We’ve built a fantastic curriculum that invites people to dig deep and identify what is necessary to stabilize the climate, and then connect that vision to day-to-day work.

This two-day training requires five hours each day. The summit includes a group process where we envision a stable-climate 2050 future, then go through a process of defining and honing our individual visions, building out from there to a shared regional vision. We will go into detail about the elements of a realistic society in 2050 that we could live in and how it would need to be different. We then work backwards from that vision to detail the social movement that could make that world possible, identifying major milestones, strategies, opposition reactions, and key alliances we would need to achieve our vision. We’ll go into concrete strategic and tactical development models that have been used by social movements all over the world and have been adapted for this training. Participants end the day having developed a shared group vision for everyone at the training, and with some really deep thinking about strategies and tactics. It also provides you with the needed training for trainers so you can use this visioning model at upcoming events to get more people involved in the conversation.

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