KXL Action: Who will Bennet side with – the Kochs or Coloradans?

Tell Bennet
“If You’re Not a Climate Denier, Don’t Vote Like One”

Monday, November 17th, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Bennet’s Denver Office
2300 15th St, Denver, 80202

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Political players in the US Senate are forcing a vote on Tuesday to usurp Obama’s authority and force approval the KXL tar sands oil pipeline. The vote count is extremely close and Colorado Senator Michael Bennet’s vote is critical.

Despite understanding the severity of the climate crisis, reports say Bennet is planning to vote for the pipeline! He has a very serious choice to make: Will he be a climate hero or a climate criminal? Voting for the pipeline is nothing short of lighting the fuse on a carbon bomb that will explode in our children’s faces. Please join us on Monday at noon at his office to tell him to be on the rights side of history – Reject the KXL Pipeline!

Last spring Bennett stated he supports the pipeline. Only climate deniers have any business supporting a pipeline that scientist James Hansen said could result in “game over” for a safe climate. Too much is at stake and in Bennet’s hands with this vote for him to fail us. 70% of Coloradans polled are very concerned about climate change – let’s make sure he knows where Coloradans stand.

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