Graphs display Boulder's current coal-heavy energy mix and a possible future powered by renewable energy and natural gas.

How much renewable energy could we use and keep costs competitive in Colorado?

October 19th: Renewable Energy By the Numbers
5:30 pm Light Refreshments
6:00 pm Event Begins
Boulder Main Public Library
Boulder Creek Room – Main Floor

Join Clean Energy Action, Empower Our Future, and others to find out how much renewable energy we could use and keep costs competitive in Colorado. Tom Asprey, from the Empower Our Future citizen group, has built a detailed spreadsheet model to ask and answer that question over a very broad range of assumptions. Come hear what he learned and get answers to your questions about what our energy future could look like.

The result of Tom’s model are very encouraging and support your intuition that if we invest in clean energy now we can save significant amounts of money going forward–and greatly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and start to live within our “fair share” carbon budget at the same time.

A op-ed describing the model results can be found here.

The goal of the meeting is to give an initial introduction to the model and preliminary conclusions found using it.  The public will receive an initial understanding of how the model is structured, how it works and what it shows.  They will be invited to collaborate, to ask questions, to provide feedback and to make suggestions on improving the model in ways that address their concerns.  This is intended as a first session.  Future public sessions will follow and requests for individual sessions can be made by appointment on the EmpowerOurFuture website.

Tom Asprey – Retired Electrical Engineer (BSEE) is a member of IEEE, AAAS and ACS.  Worked on modeling and design of computer chips and systems at HP and Intel for 27 years before retiring.  Tom served on various City working groups that supported and evaluated the municipal electric utility proposal.  This is Tom’s fourth model of a proposed Boulder municipal electric utility.

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