Conor May, Operations Director

Conor is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he studied history and political science, and in addition to serving as Clean Energy Action’s Operations Director is currently attending the University of Colorado School of Law investigating a career in environmental/public interest law.

Conor was born and raised in southwest Colorado. He enjoys travel and the outdoors a great deal, but has yet to encounter any reserve of natural beauty greater than his homeland. His love of our fragile blue planet, particularly this corner of it, is one of two paths that led him to CEA. The other is his passion for active citizenship and political advocacy. Conor’s greatest ambition is to make governments of Colorado and the United States more responsive to the will of the governed, and nowhere is the will of the governed more subordinate to special interests than in the sphere of environmental policy and public utilities. He joined CEA in early 2017  and since then has been deeply involved in all of their efforts to improve community energy choice and transition Colorado off of fossil fuels ever since.

He hopes to someday work full-time for the public interest, but in the mean time is thrilled to be working with such a dedicated, experienced, and energetic team to increase the transparency, efficiency, and responsiveness of Colorado’s public utilities sector.

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