Molly May, Research Analyst

Molly is a graduate student at the University of Colorado working toward her PhD in physics. She grew up in southwestern Colorado and spends much of her free time outside climbing, biking, rafting, and enjoying nature. Her passion for science communication and concern for Colorado’s environment led her to join Clean Energy Action at the start of 2016.

During her undergraduate studies at the University of Colorado, Molly engaged in many different forms of science communication from publishing technical papers to teaching her peers as a Learning Assistant and teaching physics to elementary school students with the PISEC program.

When she started graduate school, Molly continued teaching but also began her current research developing fluorescent, diamond nanoparticles for biological studies. She enjoys the interdisciplinary research which requires her to synthesize ideas from physics, chemistry, and biology, but has grown more and more concerned about the state of the global environment in recent years.

She decided to apply her skills in science and communication to advocate for forward-thinking environmental policies in Colorado and the United States and is now working with Clean Energy Action while she finishes her graduate studies.

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