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Stop the Attack on Clean Energy in Colorado

The Colorado Senate is trying to kill our renewable energy standard (RES)!  Instead of 30% by 2020, they want to knock it down to 15%.  This is absurd: Xcel already gets 19% of their electricity from wind alone, and it’s cheaper than any fossil fueled power!

Sign the petition below to send an email Senate Agriculture, Natural Resource and Energy Committee members telling them we have to move forward on clean energy and climate, not back!

Stop the Attack on Clean Energy in Colorado

Dear Governor Hickenlooper and Colorado Legislators,


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Come & Testify at the Committee Hearing for SB 15-044

Thursday, January 29th, 1:30 pm
Senate Committee Room 354 or 353
200 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, 80203

Learn More About SB 44

Early this January, legislators wasted no time introducing bills related to Colorado’s energy policies. Rather than immediately address local versus statewide standards for fracking, two of the first bills introduced would modify Colorado’s Renewable Energy Standard (RES).

Currently, investor owned utilities (i.e. Xcel and Black Hills) have to have 20% renewables by 2015 and 30% by 2020 on their system. Senate Bill 44 would reduce their requirement to 15% by 2015 with no additional goal for 2030. This seems bizarre, especially given that wind provides 19% of Xcel’s electricity in Colorado. So they want them to go backwards and stay there.


For more information on SB 44, see The Nation Law Review.


Overview and Update of Boulder Municipalization Effort

Wednesday, January 28th, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
MATH 100, CU Boulder, 80305

The CU Energy Club will be hosting Dr. Zane Selvans, Research and Policy Director at Clean Energy Action, and Mark Jaffe of the Denver Post for an information session and discussion of Boulder’s ongoing municipalization of electric services in the city. Learn what electric municipalization is, what has happened so far in Boulder, what is to come and how municipalization may affect you. The event will include presentations by both speakers followed by time for questions from the audience. Light refreshments will be served.

Public Banking: Supporting community Resiliency & Renewable Energy

An Evening with Gwen Hallsmith
Executive Director of the Public Banking Institute

January 29th
6:30 – 7 pm – Refreshments
7 – 8:45 pm – Discussion
Impact Hub, Boulder
1877 Broadway St.

Gwen Hallsmith
Gwen Hallsmith, the Executive Director of the Public Banking Institute will present on how public banking could play a role in financing a municipal electric utility and how Boulder can use public banking to enhance community wealth, resiliency, entrepreneurial participation and economic vitality. She will discuss the main advantage of public banking: lower-cost financing which enables states, counties and cities to better fund small business, infrastructure and projects such as affordable housing, libraries, farm-to-table agriculture, renewable energy, energy efficiency and public transportation. Each of these projects creates good local jobs. In these ways, public banks enable cities, counties, and states to better finance public priorities without relying on Wall Street or paying the high interest rates that pad big bank profits.

This presentation is part of Clean Energy Action’s Global Warming Solutions Speaker Series. Audience participation will be invited during discussion and Q&A. No RSVP required.

More About Gwen

Gwen most recently made national headlines with her work in Vermont to ask Town Meetings to consider public banking. On March 4th, 18 cities and towns in Vermont voted to endorse a resolution directing the state legislators to create a State Bank for Vermont. Thanks to the media expertise of William Boardman and Matt Stannard, the national media has picked up on the story, and there have been now over 20 radio interviews, print stories, and starting this week we’ll be on syndicated television with the story as well… Gwen has an interview with GritTV on Tuesday, and we understand that even bigger shows are working on the story – stay tuned.

Gwen is the author of several books on sustainable communities and economic reform, including her most recent book with Bernard Lietaer called Creating Wealth: Growing Local Communities with Local Currencies. She has been an advocate for economic reform for over 25 years, and implemented new currency projects on the local level in her recent position as the Director of Planning and Community Development for the City of Montpelier. Her work spans the globe – she has worked in all the major world regions at this point, and with cities, towns, regions, provinces, and states in the United States and Canada.

Her vision for the Public Banking Institute expands our horizons to include many other aspects of a public monetary system, everything from strengthening the possibilities for local investment that the new SEC regulations allow to fostering and supporting complementary currencies for local and regional means of exchange. Her deep commitment to local action matches our vision for the Institute as a source of technical assistance, training, and research for all the state, regional, and local initiatives underway to set up public banks and other currency and investment initiatives.

KXL Action: Who will Bennet side with – the Kochs or Coloradans?

Tell Bennet
“If You’re Not a Climate Denier, Don’t Vote Like One”

Monday, November 17th, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Bennet’s Denver Office
2300 15th St, Denver, 80202

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Political players in the US Senate are forcing a vote on Tuesday to usurp Obama’s authority and force approval the KXL tar sands oil pipeline. The vote count is extremely close and Colorado Senator Michael Bennet’s vote is critical.

Despite understanding the severity of the climate crisis, reports say Bennet is planning to vote for the pipeline! He has a very serious choice to make: Will he be a climate hero or a climate criminal? Voting for the pipeline is nothing short of lighting the fuse on a carbon bomb that will explode in our children’s faces. Please join us on Monday at noon at his office to tell him to be on the rights side of history – Reject the KXL Pipeline!

Last spring Bennett stated he supports the pipeline. Only climate deniers have any business supporting a pipeline that scientist James Hansen said could result in “game over” for a safe climate. Too much is at stake and in Bennet’s hands with this vote for him to fail us. 70% of Coloradans polled are very concerned about climate change – let’s make sure he knows where Coloradans stand.