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Stop the Attack on Clean Energy in Colorado

The Colorado Senate is trying to kill our renewable energy standard (RES)!  Instead of 30% by 2020, they want to knock it down to 15%.  This is absurd: Xcel already gets 19% of their electricity from wind alone, and it’s cheaper than any fossil fueled power!

Sign the petition below to send an email Senate Agriculture, Natural Resource and Energy Committee members telling them we have to move forward on clean energy and climate, not back!

Tell Congress to Extend Tax Credits for Solar and Wind


The Solar Investment Tax Credit and the Wind Production Tax Credit have helped to lead to unprecedented job growth and investment in the clean power needed to mitigate climate change. The market signal provided by these tax credits has spurred investment in both the scale and efficiency of wind and solar technologies, helping to consistently drive down costs.

As the nation's economy struggles ahead with its slow recovery and as the planet faces the existential threat of climate change, now is certainly not the time to take the costly, disruptive and irresponsible step of letting these credits lapse. I urge you to pass a long-term extension of both the wind and solar tax credits, giving our wind and solar industries the certainty they need for continued growth. The extensions will continue to strengthen our nation's economy while bringing more clean power online to mitigate climate change's grave impacts.

Please work with your colleagues to pass extensions to the tax credits for both wind and solar.

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Learn More About SB 44

Early this January, legislators wasted no time introducing bills related to Colorado’s energy policies. Rather than immediately address local versus statewide standards for fracking, two of the first bills introduced would modify Colorado’s Renewable Energy Standard (RES).

Currently, investor owned utilities (i.e. Xcel and Black Hills) have to have 20% renewables by 2015 and 30% by 2020 on their system. Senate Bill 44 would reduce their requirement to 15% by 2015 with no additional goal for 2030. This seems bizarre, especially given that wind provides 19% of Xcel’s electricity in Colorado. So they want them to go backwards and stay there.


For more information on SB 44, see The Nation Law Review.