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Accelerated Green Power Development for Municipalities

Paul Fenn, Utility Reform Expert of San Francisco-based Local Power, Inc.

Speaker Bio

Paul Fenn of Local Power Inc. (LPI) is a San Francisco-based expert advocate of major new local government-based energy laws and regulations at the state level in several major U.S. energy markets, including California, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Ohio. In business since 1995, Local Power has put together, and is in charge of, some of the world’s largest green power relocalization development projects, including the City and County of San Francisco. Analyzing detailed utility demand data and other government infrastructure and land use data, LPI has accumulated the modeling and analysis capacity to crack the code on green power, enabling a dramatic, accelerated, scaled county-wide switchover to a whole new kind of power.

In 2010, LPI formed the official Political Action Committee in California to oppose and ultimately defeat Proposition 16, drafted and promoted at $46 million by Northern California Energy Corporation Pacific Gas & Electric (PGE Corp) primarily to stop LPI’s Community Choice movement from spreading beyond Marin Countyand San Francisco. Today, over a million Americans receive power under the CCA laws that LPI has written and helped bring to fruition.

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How Could a Boulder Municipal Utility Run Its Distribution System?

Dennis Eastman, President, ENCO Utility Services

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A standard concern related to community municipalization is that the city won’t be able to effectively run the system. Never mind that hundreds of municipal utilities around the country ranging in size from Lyons, Colorado to Los Angeles, California keep the lights on day after day. One of the ways (but not the only way) that municipal utilities operate is to hire outside firms with expertise to run the distribution system. Dennis Eastman is the CEO of ENCO–a company that runs distribution systems for several electric entities. Before that he ran the distribution system for Southern California Edison which served over 11 million people. While there would be a number of options for how a Boulder municipal utility might run its distribution system, Mr. Eastman will describe how this is done presently in power-providing entities both large and small–both private and public.

Speaker Bio

Dennis has been the President/CEO of ENCO since it was formed ten years ago as a result of its acquisition of Edison Utility Services (EUS) an Edison International affiliate. At that time, Dennis was the President/COO of EUS. Dennis was instrumental in the formation of EUS because of its strategic importance. ENCO currently operates electric distribution systems for cities and other quasi-municipal entities in California, Arizona and Florida. Prior to joining EUS, Dennis was the Vice President of Electric Distribution for Southern California Edison (SCE). In this position, Dennis led the organization of over 2,000 personnel that provided the engineering, construction, operations and maintenance of the $5 billion of electric distribution assets used to serve over 11 million people spread across 50,000 square miles. Dennis held numerous engineering and management positions over his 32 year career at SCE. Dennis has provided testimony as an expert witness on electric distribution matters before the California Public Utilities Commission and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.


Dennis Eastman, President ENCO Utility Services, Power Point Presentation

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Can Boulder Learn from Marin? Making Renewable Energy a Community Choice

Charles McGlashan, Chairman, Marin Energy Authority

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Supervisor Charles McGlashan shares Marin County’s experience solving a challenge also facing Boulder: How can a community can take control of its energy supply? Mr. McGlashan led the Marin County, California effort to adopt Marin Clean Energy. MCE is a joint power authority designed to serve the community’s priorities by providing 25% of consumer energy from renewable sources. While avoiding coal and nuclear power, Marin Clean Energy allows electric consumers to choose non-polluting renewable energy, foster development of local green power generation, and protect homes and businesses from uncertain fuel prices.

Speaker Bio

As a member of the Marin Board of Supervisors since 2004, Charles McGlashan has earned a reputation for innovation and working with all parties to ensure that Marin County remains a spectacular place to live and work. Prior to elected office, Mr. McGlashan worked for twenty-one years in environmental consulting, corporate finance and strategic planning. Recognized by many organizations for his environmental leadership, Supervisor McGlashan holds a BA from Yale and MBA from Stanford, both awarded with honors.

Clean Energy Action honors the passing of Charles McGlashan.  Shortly after California’s victory for Community Choice Aggregation (CCA), Supervisor McGlashan passed away from a heart condition while on a ski trip.  The community of Marin was thunderstruck, as were clean energy advocates throughout the country.

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