Stay Energy Informed

Clean Energy Action tries to uncover and highlight the most relevant issues impacting the climate and energy systems. The most interesting innovations come from the nexus of where climate science, economics, policy and technology meet.

Climate Science

Our motivation for educating citizens about energy issues is based on our concern about the implications of climate change – on our planet, the ecosystem, and especially on civilization and those most vulnerable among us. Sometimes our current climate conundrum can be overwhelming – but for us it’s more motivation to transition off of fossil fuels.

Fossil Fuels

The more we learn about the economic and environmental implications of extracting, transporting, and burning fossil fuels the more convinced we are that we need to transition towards cleaner sources.


For better or worse, the policies in place define the energy market. Regulation matters. We do what we can to provide updates on current regulatory changes that could effect our energy mix in Colorado and on new possible policy solutions.


It is becoming increasingly more economic attractive to make electrons from renewable energy (or to invest in efficiency) and less economically feasible to continue burning fossil fuels – even without including the real social cost of carbon.


The solutions to fix the dysfunctional energy market and solve our current climate conundrum seem endless. There  are viable technological solutions and  common sense policy solutions to align our energy market with our values for a equitable, healthy, stable future.

If you are interested in an aspect of energy issues that are not covered here please contact us ( We could point you to good resources or start a new aspect of this conversation.

Accelerating the transition from fossil fuels to a clean energy economy