How old will you be when we blow our carbon budget?

How old will you be when we blow our carbon budget? Our infographic explains that at our current rate we will exhaust our carbon budget by 2031. How old will you be then?

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  1. According to Australian climate scientist David Spratt we have already blown our carbon budget as of June of 2014, and the human race will exceed 2.5 C above the pre-industrial baseline in 2058. David is the editor of Climate Code Red, a climate-change activist and educator from Melbourne, Australia.

    It is interesting to note just how many other recent climate change studies have arrived at the conclusion that planetary average warming will hit 2.0 C by 2036 to 2046 and 2.5 C by 2048 to 2058, and considering the fact that natural carbon uptake will take 35-40 years to remove enough carbon from our atmosphere, oceans, and soils to nearly stabilize rising temperatures, the human race must reduce global carbon and CO2e emissions by 80% at a minimum by 2025-2030 to limit warming to only 2.5 C.

    Here is David’s piece entitled: “The real budgetary emergency and the myth of “burnable carbon”, which was published on May 22nd, 2014. The page also includes a video by David and access to other climate change videos on Vimeo by David and other climate change scientists.

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