Citizen Power Programs

Democratizing Energy Markets

Our main goal is to educate, activate and empower our community to transition off of fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy.

Information is power.

We have been disseminating information through events, classes, workshops and research to get as many community members and decision makers focused on solutions for pieces of the broken energy market. Our motto is ‘Citizen Power’ because we believe in the power that we have collectively. Check out our programs below and get engaged.

Global Warming Solutions Speaker Series

Clean Energy Action has been creating conversations around cutting edge energy solutions since 2010 through our Global Warming Solutions Speaker Series. We have brought in experts from across the country, as well as tapped into the wealth of knowledge here in the front range to keep this community informed and engaged.

Sustainability by the Numb3rs

Have you ever wondered if a figure you hear in the news or in a presentation is accurate? Like if a claim about how much energy a technology can provide is relevant in the context of the scale of our energy use?  Sustainability by the Numb3rs is a free monthly class taught by our Research Director, Zane Selvans, that gives students the tools be able to analyze the facts and figures that are used to justify decision making.

Boulder Municipal Utility Effort

The effort to pull away from Xcel and form an municipal electric utility in Boulder is inspiring not only because Boulder trying to power locally with clean renewable energy, but because we are attempting to democratize our energy supply. Clean Energy Action was central to the creation of the coalitions Renewables Yes and Empower Our Future, which have been key to organizing the 2B2C campaign and the No on 310 campaign.

Unearthing Coal Economics

Not only do we know that coal is the wrong choice for the environment, but we know it’s a bad economic bet too. In order to unearth the truth about the economic and environmental downfalls of fossil fuels, we have been digging in and exposing the facts. Clean Energy Action published its third coal report, “Warning: Faulty Reporting of U.S. Coal Reserves,” which uses data to drive home that our economically recoverable coal reserves are running on empty.

Youth Energy Education 

With a partnership of educators and community members, Clean Energy Action has developed an energy curriculum, “From Fire to Photosynthesis,” aimed at teaching our youth about the basic The program features the “Energy Bike” – a bicycle hooked to a generator and wide array of bulbs and appliances to illustrate many energy principles in a fun, “feet-on” way!

Thanks to people like you who support our mission that we can continue to move the planet towards a future powered by renewable energy sources. Please consider helping us continue our programs by supporting us with a recurring donation through

Accelerating the transition from fossil fuels to a clean energy economy