Youth Energy Education

In an era in which energy issues are pivotal for our future well-being,  energy
literacy is a vital part of making healthy,
long term decisions.

Clean Energy Action’s board has agreed that youth energy education is an  important part of our mission because energy issues are long terms issues. We want to ensure a well-informed, engaged public well into the future. Clean Energy Action and Entrepreneurial Earth have already brought youth energy education programs to 6 school and reached about 800  students.  These program address the new Colorado academic standards, but go well beyond them with a platform that is fun, engaging and interdisciplinary.

Martin at Friend's School

Clean Energy Action presents energy education programs for schools and other audiences. These fun, engaging programs help create an “energy literate” society. They highlighting the role of energy in our lives and the relationships between human energy systems and Earth’s living systems. Fees apply. On average the cost for this program is $350.


In-class presentations are adaptable for a K through 12 audience. Featuring the “Energy Bike,” a stationary bicycle that is hooked up to a generator and all manner of electrical items, in-class presentations cover all energy-related learning standards and many energy-related standards in other disciplines.

Energy and Life: A review of energy basics and human energy systems within the context of how energy works in living systems. Usual presentation time: 45 minutes to 1 hour. Can be extended to 2-3 hours (including indoor and outdoor activities).

From Fire to Photosynthesis; Human Energy in a Living World: An exploration of the history of human energy systems focused on how human systems can return to the use of daily incoming solar energy. 1-3 hours.


Our assembly programs are similar in content to the presentations above, but can be presented for much larger audiences. Elevated stage and/or seating to allow easy viewing of Energy Bike is recommended. Sound system required for audiences of more than 50 people. 45 minutes to 1 hour. ($250 – $350 depending on travel distance, size of group, etc.)

Half-day to Full-day Energy Fair

This activity allows students to visit various stations to explore energy basics through the Energy Bike; a variety of solar energy technologies (solar oven, solar water heating, solar electricity); energy efficiency and energy use in buildings; and more. A minimum of 2 ½ hours are required (max. = 5 hours). ($300 – $500)

Classroom Microgrid

CEA is developing educational systems that take energy learning to new levels of student engagement. This is presently in the development stage, but can be demonstrated in the Energy Fair environment or as an informal, exploratory program in the classroom. The microgrid system entails production and storage of energy (i.e., batteries) and the distribution to real loads such as lighting, sound system, ventilation, computers and more. Students experiment with different ways to produce, distribute and conserve electricity.

Your support makes this work possible.

CEA would appreciate support to enable energy education for youth in Boulder County and beyond. Contact us if you can help with:

  • Publicity & promotion
  • Grant writing, fundraising, in-kind donations (i.e., printed materials, equipment for programs, etc.)
  • Collaboration with CEA to build capacity and effectiveness

Accelerating the transition from fossil fuels to a clean energy economy