Xcel’s Rates Going Up Over 30% Per Decade

Date Price Percentage Increase
July 1, 2000 7.65 cents/kwh
July 1, 2010 10.65 cents/kwh 39% increase over 2000
Projected 2020 14.3 cents/kwh 34% increase over 2010
Projected 2030 19.1 cents/kwh 33% increase over 2020

Xcel’s rate projections typically assume the cost of coal goes up less than 2% per year. Xcel’s coal costs have been going up about 10% per year for the last 5 years.

Also, the 2010 rate is calculated assuming 500 kwh of usage. Ratepayers without solar systems often use more than 500 kwh/month, so the 10.65 cents/kwh for 2010 is probably low for many people.

Xcel’s rates are going up over 30% per decade while a 2 pennies on the dollar limit (i.e. the 2% “Retail Rate Impact”) is kept on the solar industry.

One hope for rate stabilization is to increase investments in a new, fuel-free 21st century electric infrastructure using Colorado’s abundant wind and solar resources which will keep more of the energy money in the state (thus growing Colorado’s economy and tax base) instead of sending the energy dollars to Wyoming for coal.

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