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350.org Climate Solutions Social Hour

Meet Some Environmentally Awesome Folks!

Thursday, August 28th, 7:00 pm – 10:30 pm
Bohemian Biergarten
2017 13th St, Boulder, CO

From our friends at 350.org Boulder:

Hashing out our biggest ideas over perogies, friends, and cold drinks? Yes, yes and yes! We’ve officially decided to keep the social hour at the Biergarten. Because we love it there and we know you do, too.

We’re really looking forward to this month’s meetup since we’re getting close to election season and harvest is in full swing. Lots going on to talk about! Plus, who doesn’t want to get a beer and hang out with awesome people in Boulder, summer time style?

If you’re new to the group:

Each month we get together for drinks to make new friends and brainstorm ways to make Boulder County a more sustainable, healthy place to live. All are welcome, even if you aren’t living in Boulder County currently. We want to hear your ideas!

Some of the things we talk about include: local food & urban farming, breweries, alternative transportation, renewable energy, fracking, goats!, current events, skill shares, bees, potluck dinners, water, Boulder County issues, and the list goes on… Be sure to check the calendar to find out where we will be meeting since it changes monthly.

*Don’t forget to plan ahead and take public transit or carpool (or even better, bike!) to make it on time and save some carbon. Can’t find a ride? Reach out to the group. And as always, be sure to set up safe transportation home.

See you there!