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Protect Colorado’s Forests from New Coal Mining

Tell the Forest Service not to give Arch Coal, a company that today filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy,  access to 19,000 acres of pristine, roadless National Forest for new coal mining.

Devastating Numbers

  • New mines would give the nation’s second largest coal company access to 170 million tons of publicly-owned coal
  • Coal would release 485 million tons of carbon pollution into the atmosphere along with millions of cubic feet of methane emissions
  • The Forest Service’s own analysis estimates $13 billion in environmental and economic damages


Dear Decision Makers:

First, thank you for your public service. However, I want to let you know that I strongly object to further investments in coal fired electricity, as Xcel Energy is currently attempting to do in Colorado!

Energy markets are undergoing tremendous change with the US coal industry nearing collapse while renewable energy prices continue to plummet. Above all, time is running out for us to address climate change.

Colorado needs to prepare for a bright future, not double down on the dirty energy of days gone by.

Xcel Energy’s plan to spend $400 million upgrading two coal plants, Pawnee and Hayden, is unacceptable. As the coal industry continues its decline those upgraded coal plants will become STRANDED ASSETS to be paid off with MY money and YOURS. These investments are chasing sunk costs, throwing good money after bad, when we should be working to move beyond coal as quickly as possible.

Energy efficiency, clean renewable power and electricity storage consume no fuel or water, are already cost-competitive, and should be favored by the PUC whenever the opportunity arises. The coal fired generation on Xcel's system cannot easily be used to balance with renewables on the grid, so further investment in coal impedes the integration of more renewable energy into our grid.

Again, we need to plan for the future, not pretend we're in the past. Please cancel Xcel's plans to upgrade Pawnee and Hayden.

Thank you for your consideration.


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Keep Our Forests Untouched

Explore the area around Paonia, and you’ll find some of the Western Slope’s most beautiful country. That’s why in 2012, the area was included in 4.2 million acres of National Forest that were set aside under the Colorado Roadless Rule.

The Roadless Rule was intended to conserve Colorado’s forest for future generations but a Forest Service proposal threatens to give Arch Coal access to thousands of acres of roadless National Forest for new mines.

Keep Coal in the Ground

China recently announced a 3 year ban on new coal mining. The Obama administration should also halt new coal leases, but these new mines would give Arch Coal access to 170 million tons of publicly-owned coal. When burned, this coal would release 485 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere along with millions of cubic feet of methane emissions.

We have until January 15th to tell the Forest Service: keep our forests untouched and keep this coal in the ground! Act now to protect Colorado’s forests from new coal mining.

“Ultimately, if we’re gonna prevent large parts of this Earth from becoming not only inhospitable but uninhabitable in our lifetimes, we’re gonna have to keep some fossil fuels in the ground.” – President Obama, upon rejecting the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline