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Xcel’s Covering Their… Assets

Xcel’s Proposed Rate Increase
& Decoupling Mechanism

Monday, August 4th
Drinks @ 6:30, Debrief @ 7:00, Discussion @ 7:30
303 Vodka
2500 47th St., Boulder, 80301

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Join us for a discussion about Xcel’s new depreciation, decommissioning, and revenue decoupling proposal and how it could have wide reaching implications for your rates, renewable energy and energy efficiency in Colorado.

Clean Energy Action is continuing to make sure these changes are in the best interest of a stable climate and the rate payers of both today and tomorrow.

Hidden behind a request for a $137 million rate increase is a proposal to decouple the utility’s revenues from the amount of electricity they sell.  This could dramatically alter Xcel’s stance on energy efficiency. As proposed, decoupling will mostly just protect Xcel from energy efficiency and distributed generation cutting into their bottom line, but it could do much more. It could create the incentives for Xcel to be enthusiastic about energy efficiency, which has proven to be extremely beneficial to the ratepayers and is a clear win for the climate.

This proposal also deals with the financial implications of accelerating the retirement of coal plants, as mandated by the Clean Air Clean Jobs Act.  It may end up acting as a model — good or bad — for future retirements.